Comic Con, Comic Con, Comic Cons 2021

Comic Con, Comic Con, Comic Cons 2021

Comic Con, Comic Con, Comic Cons 2021

Ok...I know what you're thinking. Most of the Cons aren't until summer & fall! We aren't "closing in". 

Yes, the major Con's like SDCC, NYCC, ECCC and such aren't until later in 2021, but your smaller, regional Cons' start happening in the spring, well before the majors. They don't pack the same punch as the bigs, but they will definitely scratch that Convention itch so many of us have right now.

I know for RedFive (based out of Connecticut), our 1st regional Con will take place up in Bangor, Maine in late April. The Bangor Comic and Toy Expo kicks everything off for us and we couldn't be more pumped! We have been looking at our incoming orders and modifying them for what we hope will be an amazing offering for the guests.

Here is our current con schedule for 2021:

Bangor Comic and Toy Show (Bangor, ME)

Upper Vally Comic Expo (West Lebanon, NH)

Rhode Island Comic Con (Providence, RI)

Springfield Comic Con (Springfield, MA)

Terrificon (Mohegan Sun, Uncasville, CT)

Granite Con (Manchester, NH)

What will be the big sellers this year? Whats everyone excited for? How will you incorporate masks into your costume? What guests are you hoping to see out and about?

So many questions...we'll have our answers soon!