Life with a new retail location (and the magic it brings)

Hello RedFive Nation!

I'm back with another blog post!

This time its all about living with a retail location vs just being online and the subtle joys it brings. I just had another one, like a moment ago. A young customer (maybe 10 or 11) came in to look around, and after a bit he walked out, only to return with a dime he found outside. He wanted to make sure that we or a customer of our didn't lose it by accident.

This is what it's about. The power of children. I knew we would have customers young and old, but I wasn't expecting the magic, that is a group of kids coming in and being "kids", looking around, joking with their friends and its pure innocence at its best. It reminds me greatly of when I was a kid and my friends and I would visit a toy store (Toy R Us or Child World, etc...) and just walk thru the aisles all wide-eyed and happy making little wish lists in my head.

I love all the customers who come in and share their memories with us, it was one of the driving reasons for opening a physical location.

Is being a business owner hard? Yes.

Are the hours long? Oh, yeah.

 Is it completely rewarding? Absolutely!

I look forward to seeing you all on your next (or first) trip to the store!

MTFBWY - RedFive!