The Trading Card Game phenomenon

The Trading Card Game phenomenon

The Trading Card Game phenomenon

As a new-to-the-card-game shop owner... I must say, the hype is real!

We initially thought we would bring in some Pokemon TCG cards for the local kids who swung by the shop everyday. So, that's what we did. But...we did not expect for it to be such a major draw for our little shop. What started out as a some boosters here and there turned into as many boosters as we could get, then Japanese packs, Trainer boxes, etc... you name it!

Then came Magic: The Gathering TCG and every drop that came out from Ikoria to Crimson Vow, we brought them all in! Magic has such a strong fan base and they are some of the most consistent customers we have!

We have now started carrying Cardfight! Vanguard Overdress TCG. I'm not gonna lie... I don't know anything about this TCG at all. It seems really cool and seems to have a solid backstory. We look forward to seeing how Cardfight! is received by our customers as we starting off with 9 different card sets!!

The other BIG release we are waiting for is the My Hero Academia TCG from Jasco Games. My Hero Academia is one of the biggest anime series in recent history and is probably one of the most loved series in anime. So to add a card game to the universe is going to be amazing! The card art look awesome, plus I think it will act the same way that Pokemon does... a mix of TCG players and then card collectors. SUPER excited for this release! We are hoping it land in January 2022.

If that wasn't enough... we are letting you know that we will also start carrying loose, individual cards as well. This won't be until late Spring/early Summer.

So much happening in the world of TCG and RedFive is excited to be a part of it!