Mattel Monster High Creeproductions Booriginal Spectra Vondergeist PRE SALE (June 2024)

by Mattel
Type: Doll

Our new Monster High Creeproduction line is bringing back classic G1 characters, including the Spectra Vondergeist doll. Our resident gossip ghost wears a black gothic-style chain bodice with magenta accents, a wispy skirt with black translucent overlay, and ankle-length boots. This glamorous spirit even has her signature pale skin and long violet hair with periwinkle and pinkish-purple highlights.

Monster High® Spectra Vondergeist™ Doll
10.5 inches tall with 11 points of articulation
Wears black tank top with magenta tattered skirt and ankle-length boots
Comes with a diary, brush, and Rhuen the ghost ferret
Packaged just like the original G1 doll with a few added Easter eggs