Cuutopia Star Wars The Child 10" Plush

by Mattel
Type: Plush
Star Wars The Child Cuutopia 10-Inch Plush:
Cuutopia rounded plush inspired by Star Wars allow fans to get up close and huggable with their favorite characters from across the galaxy! Designed with a rounded form and tactile fabrics, this Star Wars The Child Cuutopia 10-Inch Plush is extra squishy and fun to play with. Grogu stands approximately 10-inches tall with iconic elements for easy recognizability. Play out action moments or cuddle up for snuggly ones! Ages 3 and up.

Grogu is known by many names - The Child, Baby Yoda, kid - but you probably know him best as the pint-sized Force-wielding hero in The Mandalorian whose origins are not completely clear. This adorable little green guy is the youngest 50-year-old this side of Coruscant, capable of moving objects with his powers while searching for snacks in a galaxy far, far away. Grogu belongs in your Star Wars collection