Hawgs Biggie Wheels 73mm 76a - Grey (Set of 4)


The Bigger Biggie Hawgs provide a meaty width and are compatible with most top-mount and low-clearance setups. With our high-rebound formula, in 76a grey, and 78a blue, these will grip in the most demanding situations but will break out smooth for predrifts and check slides.



  • Diameter: 73mm
  • Width: 66mm
  • Contact Patch: 66mm
  • Durometer: 76a
  • Core Placement: Centerset
  • Lip Profile: Square
  • Wheel Surface: Smooth

Comes with Spaceballs Bearings

Spaceballs are our answer to all of your bearing problems. Never again can you lose you washers, or spacers because we've built them into the inner race! On the functional side, this means your bearings are always mated correctly which negates any bearing-induced chatter.