Marvel Legends The West Coast Avengers Retro Scarlet Witch

by Hasbro

Marvel Legends Retro Scarlet Witch 6-Inch Action Figure:
A blast from the past on 1990s-style Toy Biz packaging!
Inspired by the comics!
This Scarlet Witch figure comes with magic effects accessories to recreate her signature hex bolt powers!
6-inch super articulated action figure is ready to fight... and hopefully she's on our side!
Scarlet Witch finds her heartbreak turned to horror when she encounters her husband Vision rebuilt with no memory of their love! This Marvel’s Scarlet Witch figure features premium comics-inspired design, detail, and articulation for posing and display in your Marvel collection! 6-inch comic-inspired Wanda Maximoff figure comes on retro packaging with four hex bolt power-inspired accessories.