Mattel Barbie - Vintage 1970 Brunette Twist 'n Turn Brunette Marlo Flip Barbie in #1782 Shape-Ups Leotard

by Mattel
Type: Doll

Beautiful 1970 Marlo Flip Twist 'N Turn Barbie in Shape-Ups leotard from the same year, as well as "Mattel Twist" accessory!

This gorgeous girl is nice and clean, including her hair and leotard. Her hair has maintained its iconic flip style, and her head is well-attached with no splits at the neck. Her limbs are nice and tight, TNT waist works great and her legs bend as they should. Rooted lashes are intact.

She does have a few flaws, including:

  • Some faint greening around her ears
  • Nail polish is worn
  • No obvious hair plugs missing, but hair does look thin in the front on one side of her part - restyle/reroot needed
  • Pale spot on front of left leg, hairline crack in shin of right leg
  • Darkness behind both knees
  • Pinholes on backs of thighs and inside of calves (from her legs' innerworkings)
  • Bendable leg innerworkings have penetrated through the soles of her feet, splitting her left foot at the heel

    All in all a very pretty addition to any vintage Barbie collection, offered at a great price!