McFarlane Toys DC Retro The New Adventures of Batman Robin PRE SALE (April 2024)

DC Retro W9 Robin New Adventures of Batman Var. Figure:
From The New Adventures of Batman animated series from the 1970s comes this Robin action figure! The DC Retro Wave 9 Robin The New Adventures of Batman 6-Inch Scale Action Figure stands 5 1/2-inches tall with 12 points of articulation. The Boy Wonder includes a Bat-radio and Batarang. Robin comes packaged in a card backed blister with the iconic old school look of the 1960's Batman series.

Acrobat Dick Grayson was the youngest member of his parents' death-defying circus act. But after their cold-blooded murder, Dick vowed revenge. Seeing a genuine piece of himself in the boy, Batman took him in - and gave him a better outlet for his anger. Becoming Batman's protege, Robin is an expert fighter and astounding acrobat - with the toughest example in the world to live up to. But the Boy Wonder's true strength may lie in not being Batman - and providing a beacon of hope and family throughout the Dark Knight's crusade.