Powell Peralta Lance Conklin Face Skateboard Deck - 9.75"


Brand new Powell reissue of the 1st Lance Conklin pro model from early 1990s.

The first time Powell have reissued this one so collectors will appreciate it as well as riders since this one is still a great pool/vert board today unlike the earlier 1980s reissues. Directional shape with deep concave on a classic early 90s shape.

It comes with the old "long" truck holes and is double drilled at the front so you can alter the nose length. A really great wider deck for old skool rippers but also modern enough for youngsters wanting a bigger pool deck.

Powell-Peralta Re-Issue Construction

Made with our partner in Mexico. Materials include U.S. hard rock maple and glue that meets our specifications, warranted against delamination for their useful life. Shape and graphics created in Santa Barbara, CA.


  • Width : 9.75"
  • Length : 32.09"
  • Wheelbase : 14.63"/15.25"
  • Concave : K15
  • Shape : 304
  • Nose : 6.25"/5.63"
  • Tail : 6.21"
  • Construction : 7-Ply Maple