Squishmallows - Original Squishmallows™ Mini 2.5 Inch Plush Micromallows Blind Pack

Type: Plush

Discover the adorable world of Original Squishmallows™ with the Mini 2.5 Inch Plush Micromallows Blind Pack. Each mystery capsule contains a cute character from a diverse assortment, including a Bull Terrier, Iguana, Mushroom, and more. The 12-piece Counter Display is packed with mystery capsules, each containing a super-soft plush character. The excitement of unboxing a mystery Squishmallow™ combined with the cuteness of these mini plushes makes every reveal a thrilling experience!

SURPRISE CAPSULES: Each plush comes in a blind mystery capsule, adding an element of surprise to each unboxing.

DIVERSE ASSORTMENT: The collection includes characters like a Bull Terrier, Iguana, Mushroom, Capybara, Watermelon, Cow, Shark, and Penguin.

MINI PLUSH CHARMS: At 2.5 inches, these Squishmallows™ are adorably tiny, perfect for collecting, displaying, or adding to a keychain.

SOFT AND CUDDLY: Known for their ultra-soft texture, these mini Squishmallows™ offer the same snuggly feel as their larger counterparts

    EXPAND YOUR SQUISHMALLOWS™ UNIVERSE: Each blind pack adds a new character to a growing collection of Squishmallows™ friends.

    *NOTE: These are blind packs; we cannot guarantee a specific style.