WWE Championship Collection Jeff Hardy figure with Collector Magazine


“Da Bomb!” ... Jeff Hardy isn’t your prototypical Superstar, and that’s just the way he likes it. His one-of-a-kind persona breakneck in-ring style captivated the WWE CHAMPIONSHIP COLLECTION!

They call him the enigma, a Superstar of few words, who often covers his features in impenetrable face paint. But Jeff Hardy is so much more than the persona he displays. Fans know that he helped redefine tag team wrestling during the Attitude Era and his daredevil antics have won him legions of followers even as he branched out into singles competition.

This fantastic poly resin Jeff Hardy figurine captures the daredevil superstar in his signature armbands. His hands are posed in his signature pose getting ready to jump off the top rope or ladder onto his opponent. The figurine is masterfully hand-painted and stands at 12.8 cm tall on a ring style WWE base.