Mattel - VINTAGE 1969 Twist 'N Turn Bendable Legs Light Brown Barbie 1160 NIB NRFB

by Mattel
Type: Doll


RedFive is proud to present an absolutely stunning, perfectly preserved 1969 Twist 'N Turn Barbie #1160 in Light Brown, still in her original, sealed packaging!

This doll is high-color, gorgeous and 100% complete, with everything accounted for: doll with original wrist tag, swimsuit and stand. Original booklet is in its proper place attached to the back of the box under the plastic.

All packaging restraints and seals are intact; the only flaw in her packaging is the price sticker from the original retailer (we are confident the sticker can be removed with the proper solvent, but we will leave that for her future owner).

Barbie's face has paled over time and appears noticeably lighter than her body, but her makeup is still absolutely beautiful. Upon close inspection there are areas of her face that appear to have a powdery substance on them - this could be evidence of plasticizer breakdown, which can give a powdery look - see close-up images of her face for more detail.

Please review the images for this listing carefully, and reach out directly with any questions. This doll, 100% complete and sealed in her original box, is an extremely rare and hard-to-find collectible. We are excited to offer her at a great price!