Deddy Bear 12" Plush in Bodybag

Type: Plush
Each deadly adorable Deddy Bear comes in its own branded body bag with a zipper for an eerie unboxing experience. Don't worry; these cuddly creatures may look spooky, but they're just looking for a loving home to call their own. From the fiery 'Beezlebear' to the batty 'Vambear,' these plush animals will surely capture your imagination and bring a touch of the wild into your stores.

Key Features:

QUIRKY BODY BAG UNBOXING: Each 12-inch Deddy Bear Plush comes packaged in a themed body bag with a zipper for a thrilling unboxing experience. Get ready for a spooky surprise that adds excitement to the reveal!
AUTOPSY REPORT INCLUDED: Read the Autopsy Report for each Deddy Bear character and uncover intriguing details about their past and what might have led to their "unfortunate" demise.
CREEPILY CUTE COLLECTIBLES: These Deddy Bears may be "deadly," but their cuteness will win you over! Embrace the unique blend of adorable and spooky that captivates collectors and plush enthusiasts.
EERIE AND ENDEARING ASSORTMENT: The assortment includes Beezlebear, Bones, Bundle, Howler, Spekter, Squash, Vambear, and Zombear. Each character showcases a distinct personality, making them perfect for imaginative play and storytelling.
SOFT AND HUGGABLE: Despite their frightful appearance, these Deddy Bears are incredibly soft and huggable, making them ideal companions for kids and adults.
BRING HOME THE WILD: Get spooky and cute simultaneously with these unique plush creatures. Perfect for Halloween or any time of year, they make great gifts for special occasions.
RECOMMENDED AGE 3+: These plush toys are suitable for children aged three and above, making them great gifts for kids and collectors alike.