Lilo & Stitch Q-Fig MAX Elite Stitch Visits San Francisco

Type: Statue
Lilo & Stitch Visits San Francisco Q-Fig Max Elite:
Watch out, San Francisco! Experiment 626 may seem cute and fluffy on the outside, but he's constantly battling his destructive impulses! The Lilo & Stitch Visits San Francisco Q-Fig Max Elite captures Stitch as he's indulging in his more mischievous tendencies, like rampaging through The Golden City built from Lilo's toys like a miniature kaiju. The exquisite detail of the cardboard buildings and tiny cars flying in the wake of Stitch's tirade while the genetically engineered agent of chaos grins from ear to floppy ear brings this classic scene to life. At approximately 8-inches tall from the base of the homemade streets to the tips of the cars and ropes flung into the air, the Lilo & Stitch Visits San Francisco Q-Fig Max Elite makes the perfect centerpiece for your collection.

Mixing stylized and realistic elements in a massive display, this statue has both style and substance, displaying stories you won't see anywhere else in exquisitely detailed sculpts and paint, in material that's both substantial and durable. It's cast in Everstone, a proprietary high-temperature polymer developed by QMx. Everstone offers discerning collectors everything they require in a high-quality collectible: fantastic durability, solid weight, and precisely crafted detail that resists both fading and fracture. Everstone is everything traditional polystone statues are not - strong yet pliable, with the ability to capture minute details in costumes, scenery, and action. Ages 14 and up.