Magic Mixies Mixlings Crystal Woods Collector Cauldron

Discover the enchanting Magic Mixies world with the Mixlings 'Fizz and Reveal' 1 Pack from Series 3!

Prepare to be enchanted by the all-new Magic Mixies Mixlings Crystal Woods Collector's Cauldron! With this mesmerizing "Fizz and Reveal" 1 Pack, the world of real magic is at your fingertips.
  • FIZZ AND REVEAL MAGIC: Lift the lid of the Collector's Cauldron to unveil the magical ingredients inside. Mix them together, and watch in wonder as the mixture bubbles and fizzes. Say the enchanting words "Magicus Mixus" and witness the spellbinding reveal of your very own Magic Mixling and wand!
  • UNLOCK 5 MAGICAL POWERS: Each Mixling in the Crystal Woods series possesses unique and captivating magical powers. With the included wand, your child can unlock these powers and embark on extraordinary adventures. Will they discover a Glowling that glows in the dark, a Luckling that reveals fortunes, a Loxie with fantastic hair, an Aqua Chanjas that changes colors, or a Flutterflier with angel wings ready to soar?
  • LIMITED EDITION SHYMMA: Watch for the elusive Limited Edition Mixling - Shymma! It's the ultimate collector's gem and a rare find that will make any child's day magical.
  • COLLECT AND PLAY: With over 40 Mixlings to create and collect in the Crystal Woods series, the enchantment never ends. Mixlings are mischievous, magical, and endlessly fun. Your child can cast spells, unlock new ways to play, and embark on captivating adventures.

Magic Mixies Mixlings offer children a captivating way to explore the world of magic and imagination. With each surprise Mixling, they unlock new adventures and enchanting powers, making playtime a magical experience.