Magic: The Gathering Murders at Karlov Manor CLUE Edition

In this Clue-inspired spin on Magic: The Gathering, your players will step into the roles of Ravnica's top detectives, gathering evidence to determine the killer, their weapon, and the scene of the crime. There are two ways to win: be the first to solve the mystery or be the last suspect standing.

This product has endless replayability—to get started, players only need to grab 2 Ravnica: Clue Edition Boosters, shuffle them together, and play. To start up a new game, players can keep their own decks together, reshuffle the Evidence cards, and get back to sleuthing!

• 8 Ravnica: Clue Edition Boosters
• 21 Evidence cards featuring characters, weapons, and rooms inspired by Clue
• 1 of 10 possible Foil Shock Lands featuring new art
• 4 Hidden Info Screens
• 1 Evidence Notepad
• 1 Case File Envelope
• 1 Card Storage Box