Mattel Barbie Fashionista #187 (with Hearing Aid)

by Mattel
Type: Doll

Barbie Fashionistas Doll #187 Hearing Aid and Daisy Dress:
Celebrate diversity with this Barbie Fashionistas Doll #187 with Hearing Aid and Daisy Dress that encourages real-world storytelling and open-ended dreams! With a wide variety of skin tones, eye colors, hair colors and textures, body types and fashions, these dolls are designed to reflect the world kids see today -- and their trendy outfits help set them apart with personalities that pop! ?Barbie doll has a smaller bust and wears a daisy print shift dress featuring an oversized collar. Pink boots finish the playful yet modern look.? The doll also sports a cute brunette ponytail and wears behind-the-ear hearing aids. Use the reusable vinyl package to store Barbie fashions and accessories or carry a doll anywhere. Kids can express their own style and discover that fashion is fun for everyone! Barbie dolls cannot stand alone. Flat shoes fit dolls with articulated ankles or flat feet. Ages 3 and up.