MetaZoo TCG UFO 1st Edition Booster Packs

MetaZoo is a Cryptid-themed TCG for 2-6 players. Players assume the roles of Casters; their decks representing Spellbooks from which they cast powerful Spells, summon ancient Artifacts, and form Contracts with beloved Cryptids to aid them in the Arena.

Be wary of your surroundings, though - the environment around the Arena has the potential to strengthen your Beasties, or even weaken your Spells! With the Veil between our world and all things magical mysteriously shattered, it is up to you to become a powerful enough Caster to fight the menacing Indrid Cold and his powerful Cryptids. . . or join their ranks!

A light in the sky, a strange vibration, and then. . .FLASH! You're caught in a tractor beam! MetaZoo: UFO seeks to finally identify the unidentified. Flying saucers soar over crop circles, small aliens fire laser guns, and every day shows a new cosmic phenomenon. Strange men in black suits surround crash sites, and the Flatwoods Monster finally reveals itself to the world! Seek shelter while you can, or fight back against the invasion!

1 Sealed Booster Pack
‣ 12 Cards