MGA Bratz - 2003 Strut It! Meygan NEAR COMPLETE

by Bratz
Type: Doll

This beautiful Meygan doll from the 2003 MGA Bratz Strut It! Collection is 99% complete and ready to be displayed! 

Meygan is in great condition, nice and clean with no sticky limbs or lip chips!  The rubber bands holding her original hairstyle in place have degraded over time, but other than that she is perfect!  She comes with both of her original tops, both pair of pants, both pair of shoes, plus her original belt, choker, headband and purse - the only thing missing is her beaded bracelet.

It's rare to find an original Strut It! Meygan that is this complete and in such good condition - we are pleased to offer her at a great price!