Super7 Godzilla (Toho) Marusan (Green/Silver - L Tail)

by Super 7

Marusan’s articulated vinyl toys must have been a dream come true for kids in the 1960s. Finally, they had a Godzilla toy that could stand up to rough-and-tumble Kaiju play! This 3.75” scale, articulated Toho ReAction Figure of Marusan Godzilla is inspired by the horizontal “L-Tail” from the later versions of the vintage toy and features a dark green sculpted body with metallic silver paint detail, and the Marusan logo stamped on its foot, just like the classic action figure from back in the day! Other collectors will be green with envy once they see the Toho ReAction Figure of this “L-Tail” Marusan Godzilla in your collection!