Tech Deck 96mm Fingerboard

Type: Toys & Games

Real boards. Real graphics. Real stunts. Pull off epic tricks with Tech Deck’s authentic 96mm fingerboards! From nose to tail, Tech Deck fingerboards are engineered to replicate the feel of a real skateboard. Each fingerboard features authentic graphics from the biggest skate companies in the world. Collect boards with iconic designs from Blind, Toy Machine, Alien Workshop, Finesse, Revive, Primitive, Zero, Flip and more. With so many to collect, you never know which one you will get! Find them all and build out a collection worthy of a legit fingerboard fanatic! Each board comes with decal sheets – ideal for creating a custom board. Just like a pro fingerboarder, learn the basic tricks and then hit the rails and perfect your kickflip, ollie and shuvit. Tech Deck 96mm skateboards are for skate-lovers ages 6 and up. Collect them all and become a pro fingerboarder!